Friday, 27 April 2012

Starbucks coffee sales weak in Europe

Finally the exasperatingly long fad is fading?  The culture of holding a must-have yet embarrassingly expensive branded carton cup may take a hit?

Young people around the world bored with the banal coffee had to stand out from the crowd by having a cappuccino, then a frappuccino, or a frozen skinny mochaccino with a hint of vanilla.  $5 for 250ml please.  Sure, and i'll happily spend 20 mins in the cue, just to rush along the pavement with the brand in my hand, telling the others how modern, energetic and busy i am.  When my natural, abnormally high energy goes a notch down, i get a cup of starbuck's and here i am, good as new!  i can frantically work, give 110% and fulfil my american dream!  great.

A bit depressing the stores are full of sad, lonely people sipping for 2 h from their beloved mug, displaying their macbooks and desperately trying to send funny comments on their 217 friends' facebooks.  Or is it a happy picture?

Paying almost as much as for a pint of beer for a cup of coffee that has no excise is totally insane.

But grown-ups can take their own decisions and hey, it is a free market!



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