Monday, 25 June 2012

Bank chiefs enjoy double-digit pay rises

Just to say this is not only about bankers, it is about the executive pay at all +small cap companies.

First, i think this article clearly demonstrates the "pay for talent" much used mantra is a gigantic nonsense.  The bosses pay themselves as much as they please, it is a cartel-like situation in which all bosses grab as much as possible of the cash, stock, benefits and any other imaginable compensation gimmick while they are in the job.  And they do that because they can.  Anyone in their position would do exactly the same, hence the need for the regulator to pull the plug from this absurd never ending charade.

Secondly, the metrics are all too weak.  I'd like to see for every company:
- total CEO compensation, broken down in base, bonus, cash, options, etc
- CEO effective tax rate
- CEO performance targets
- average and median employee compensation
- average and mean employee effective tax rate

Regulators will do nothing as long as the lobbyists can do their corridor schmoozing and shareholders have very similar interests to CEOs (after all, shareholders share board memberships and have similar pay structures with the bosses).  Shareholders are huge impersonal companies run by people who get a base salary and a bonus as linked to performance as Mr Dimon's.  The "shareholders" live in multi-million mansions and do barbecues with people they are supposed to impale over too high pay...

Scrutiny needs to go down to employee / taxpayer level.

Open up the books gentlemen!


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