Monday, 6 August 2012

StanChart accused of hiding Iran dealings

Standard Chartered.  Leading the way.

Ha ha ha ha... the joke is grotesque by now.  The group is conducting a review.  A review.  As if they had no idea, as if decades of lying and cheating come as a surprise to anyone in the bank.  What will the settlement be?  $200m?  $500m?  Does it matter?

Standard Chartered has a history of over 150 years in the UK. Its headquarters are based at 1 Basinghall Avenue, London, and both the CEO and Chairman are situated here.

Standard Chartered is regulated by the UK FSA and is one of the UK’s largest banks. It has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1969 and is currently a top 20 FTSE company and among the top five largest banks by market capitalisation.

They made almost $7bn in profits in 2011 (up 11%).  Peter Sands received $5.3m in salary and annual bonuses, in cash and shares, and was awarded a further $2.7m of shares through a long-term incentive plan based on three-year performance.

Yes, you read it correctly: for performance.

Standard Chartered.  Leading the way.

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