Friday, 26 October 2012

Romney seizes on sluggish growth figures

I would be so disappointed if the Americans will elect a President whose only credential is to make money out of stripping companies of assets.  He is a soulless fanatic workaholic that shows no emotions when it comes to getting his payback fast and fat.  Running a country for the general prosperity is much a different game.

They are just like a pack of hienas going for the weak springbok.  There's nothing in management theory to say that any of the companies targeted by PE cannot be put on a recovery course otherwise than by slashing costs and milking it to pay back the debt burden imposed by the buyers.  Nor the best outcome for the economy is generated with capital put to these types of return. 

Yes, the hienas are necessary, but putting one of them in charge of the savannah is not quite a smart idea, since it may damage the whole ecosystem irreparably.

Moreover, his party has strong racis, mysoginistic views and sports an astonishing sense of entitlement, overwhelmed by inflexible and single-minded opinions on people's capabilities and eligibilities.

If people are tricked into trickle down economics after almost half of them were called hopeless beggars, I will be so disappointed.

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