Sunday, 28 July 2013

The cult of home ownership is dangerous and damaging

Housing is the flagship policy to protect the landowners.  The government's main objective is to put more money into the pockets of the rich.  This money is taken from the masses either through home prices or rents.  The UK has one of the highest price - to - income ratios in the civilised worlds.

A Goldman Sachs (!) economist was daring to pronounce solemnly the other day that houses in the UK are UNDERVALUED, by  comparing them to bonds, so considering the low rates prices should be higher.  So jump ahead and buy he's implicitly urging us.

This is an example of the rigorous mass psychosis orchestrated by the leaders of this country to achieve their rich enrichment objective.  They started with Margaret Thatcher whispering into your ear: you have to have a house.  Well, they managed to convince people this is best for them.

But hey, this is a country where 3/4ths of the public believe (genuinely!) that the Olympic Games 2012 were a good way to spend some 10 billion pounds from your taxes.

The propaganda machine is greased and working perfectly.  In stark contrast with most government services.

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