Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Airline levy could ease UK border chaos

This is yet another example when the government is ducking its responsibilities. Create artificial scarcity (airport capacity) and charge for it. Cut spending then pass the bill to the private sector. How is this business friendly?

This is a zero sum game. Someone needs to ensure immigration works and if the Border Agency saves money, someone else needs to make up for the difference. If the airlines pay don't expect them to take a hit on profits, but to pass the cost onto the travellers. This would be fine if it were environment or service improvement but in this case it is not.

The UK made a decision to have absurd controls for EU citizens and has a low productivity control process for all passengers. Ms May and Mr Green need to revise the controls policies and improve their processes. Use their money smarter not charge the public for their incompetence.

The difference in costs and waiting times between Britain's Borders and the rest of the EU demonstrate the need for radical change in Britain's borders. The government should stop the patch by patch approach and modernise the country. These patches will burst into our faces some day soon.


This is the moment when the proverbial hits the fan.

Cannot eat the cake and have it.  Want to have tough border controls and spend nothing.

The big question is: how real is the threat?  How needed are these controls?  What would happen if a different approach would be used?  The answer is Britain will have more money to spend elsewhere and the travellers will be happier.  but this is not the goal of the government.  At its best, the government wants to show "we are taking this seriously" but they are miserably failing to have an impact.  Long cues means nobody passes, we take no chances, we are defending our soil from outside evils.

The immigration and border control policies are part of the overall mass manipulation effort.  Let people believe they are under threat and they will not think at their real everyday issues.  We all know security is a well exploited basic need in every autocracy.  Britain is a class autocracy and successfully deploys fear as a diversion.

Britain is collapsing due to decades of underinvestment, public money wastage and social inequality-friendly policies.  The economy has no woompf and the politicians are impotent.  People live is dated, inefficient, inaesthetic and absurdly expensive homes, and are forced through clogged transport infrastructure to far away jobs that pay every year less (in real terms).  Is security / immigration the biggest thing to worry about and make headlines?

What is sad is the Olympics had to come to Britain for the obvious to be acknowledged.  Better later than never though.




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