Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Balls reiterates criticism of austerity policies

Britain would do itself a grand favor by stopping the comparison w the US. The two countries stopped being comparable about 100 years ago.

Back to the EU.

Mr Cameron, you are found guilty of disinformation. Your repeated claim that the woes of UK are due to the eurozone is not rooted in reality. If it were, the Dutch, the Poles or the Swiss would be broke and begging for some Downing Street illumination.

80% of Norway's exports, 60% of Switzerland's, 45% of Turkey's and Russia's are with the EU. OK, more examples (from http://epp.eurosta...e_ENVol04-2011.pdf). Belgium 73%, Estonia 67%, Germany 60%, France 61%, Italy 57%, Holland 77%, Sweden 58%, Poland 78%, Finland 56%. The UK 54%. Why are playing the broken record that you have the ugly, mean and chaotic Europe at your doorstep? 

Complacency or incompetence? When you put your eggs in 1 basket in an obvious case for diversification and cry you can't have the tortilla, you can't expect sympathy. At least don't try to hide the blame.

As a punishment you should sing God Save The Queen in each Border control hall at Heathrow. For now. 

Be a man and admit incompetence. You have no clue how to make this economy tick again. 

The tragedy is the Ed/Ed alternative is by no means more appealing...

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