Thursday, 23 August 2012

Anger over plans to build on greenbelt

There is no need to build on the green belt, this would be harming the environment and adding unnecessary pressure on a very challenged transport infrastructure.

The issue is not with financing home purchases, as Mr Marsh wrongly suggests, the issue is with home supply.

Planning regulation has to redevelop existing built areas and develop new urban concepts, starting with London.  This is why self-built is a piece-meal solution.  It will not sort out the housing deficit, nor the housing standards, not to mention the inflated house prices.

By replacing outdated, inefficient and sub-standard terraced houses with higher capacity housing communities on existing residential and commercial land, on a large scale, the economy will benefit from a much needed stimulus over the medium term.

Add other significant benefits such as improved living standards or increased affordable incomes and one can see a more confident and wealthier consumer participating in the recovery.

The notions that QE is the only possible stimulus and spending cuts are the only policy have to be challenged and changed.

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