Thursday, 16 August 2012

May opposes relaxing Chinese visa rules

Paranoia.  Threats everywhere, protection is essential.  Raise the wall, control the borders.

Security is a key propaganda strategic pillar turning mass fear into a widely spread disease.

Schengen is not for Britain.  The EU is not for Britain.  We know better.

All these have not been explained, no fact-based arguments have been made for these decisions or positions.  For instance, I'd be interested to learn how do the Schengen's net migration, illegal immigration or foreign terrorist threats statistics compare to Britain's.

London is already the most visited city in the world because of its location, massive immigrant population, links to the colonies, attractions and (for now at least) the weak pound.  Extra yuan spending can't harm it at all.  Quality tourism would help fill some of the enormous hole plugged by the Olympics.

The biggest fraudsters wear pinstripe suits in the City, not cameras around Buckingham palace.

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