Friday, 17 August 2012

Moscow punks found guilty

First, may I say I do not support Putin in any way.  Secondly, I do not disapprove new punk rock bands.

But before everybody feels proud of being British or American, and before we all synchronize our outraged voices to protest against the fragrant violation of human rights in Russia, could you please close your eyes and picture a rock&roll band entering the Westminster Abbey and singing a lullaby?  Ok, if that won't lead to the band members' immediate arrest, think they sing an anti-monarchist song.  

CNN obsession with this entirely predictable outcome of the Russian band's risky behaviour hit propagandistic paroxysm today.  What would be Mr Turner's broadcasting attention span then?

Just remember that Britain is a country where stealing ice cream can land you a 16 months prison sentence.  

In the US it is legal to sell someone a rotten product (e.g. a layered financial instrument), knowing that someone is going to incur a loss, and make a lot of money on their loss. 

(anyone recalls May 1977 and a boat with a suggestive name?)

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