Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Romney (Energy) Plan

Independence.  Fantastic!  Commendable goal.  I subscribe.  The French meet 80% of their domestic consumption through nuclear production.  For all its ills, nuclear seems cleaner and more sustainable a proposition than Mr Romney's oil pumping.

Any strategy needs to be sustainable.  Mr Romney's energy one is not.

The US needs to use its vast research resources to put together a comprehensive energy strategy including long term investments in proven climate change-friendly mass production as well as innovative ones such as local or individual energy generation (from solar, wind or bio-mass).  Electric transportation should clearly be part of the mix.  As infrastructure reforms are needed, the strategic thinking and commitment are a must.

By ignoring the environment and the rest of the world, this retrograde stance is merely offering another gift to the incumbent energy behemoths, and is a pitiful headline grabber.  Rhetoric without any wattage.  But what's new in Mr Romney's campaign?

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