Friday, 4 January 2013

Bardot joins Depardieu’s Russian exit threat

I respect people who have an ideology.  They can tell their government they are too socialist and flee to the UK or they are too conservative and seek shelter under Raul Castro's red wing.  But to join the patron of oligarchs only to balloon your pockets, even more to pay Putin 15% of you annual income is to insult all the ideologists and declare to the world that you are a person with one belief only: money.

Mr Depardieu is a successful actor because: a) he is French and that gives him the advantage of speaking a global language, and having the aura given to any Western born persona, and b) he benefitted from a cinema industry nurtured by a society-orientated government and funded by the taxpayer, i.e. his predecessors - like him enriched ones from the world of art, sport or business.  Moreover, IP rights protection in the West is a guarantee of the perpetuation of success.  In Russia is a laughable word.

Mr Depardieu is so egoistic that he deprives the coming generations of actors of similar success to his!  If the taxes in France would be lower, a "market-orientated, individual-focused" government would surely cut all subsidies to les cinematographiques.  

Shame on you Mr Depardieu, and the likes of you!

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