Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cameron defends child benefit changes

Another missed opportunity to discuss the root of a problem, instead of forcing a sorry fix.  The government will not be able to make fair and progressive reforms by cutting alone.  The state needs to look at the future of the country and its citizens.  This government is slashing costs with the absurd explanation this consolidates investors' confidence in Britain and therefore it avoids an economic collapse (for which to blame would solely be the Europeans, the immigrants and the welfare recipients).

The core issue is why is child care in Britain among the most expensive in the world?  Why isn't the government looking at the cost drivers?  The child carers do not earn City wages, the facilities are not state-of-the-art.  Where are £1,200 per month going?  Who appropriates 60% of the child care cost?  Is that what the government wants?  Is that how it creates prosperity for all?  The pre-tax cost of keeping a 6 month old in a nursery during working hours is the equivalent of almost 100% of the average national salary.  Fix that Mr Cameron!

Britain has three issues: education, transport, housing.  As long as the government will ignore the roots of the outrageous costs and appalling conditions of these (though arguably education standards are not always bad relative to the rest of Europe), Britain will not move ahead in the league of truly great nations.  For a great nation has happy citizens, and in Britain only the rich are happy.

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