Monday, 18 February 2013

Only one in three wants UK to stay in EU

This poll tells us the public doesnt really care about the EU.  And the main issues are foreigners, whether it is about who gets in, or who must leave.

It also shows that fanatic campaigns about immigrants coming in by truck load to steal British jobs or chewing gum from convenience stores have been very successful. 

While the people who had the biggest negative impact over the taxpayer and its living standards are mostly indigenous, wear suits and large smiles on their faces, the average Briton is convinced its fortunes are hampered by the occasional foreign-born strawberry picker or plumber.

The Brits are also appalled that British judges cannot eject radical clerics who instigate the youth. 

Not trying to minimize the importance of these issues, but are these serious and large enough to determine a rupture with the EU?

The Brits want to be able to open up a pub in Malaga or run an advertising agency in Prague, don't want to deliver their pizzas but don't want anyone to come in, period. 

Interestingly, it shows Britons don't really tell us they would like to be fired more easily, work longer hours and have their benefits or employer pension arrangements further sacrificed on the altar of a Brussels-free, free-market economy.

So Mr Cameron has cornered himself into a tough one: he cannot be honest about why the EU is not that bad, he cannot distroy the immigration myths without losing votes, and he must hold the referendum.  He is thus poised to fall on his sword.  And all that, in the name of what? 

2nd note:
The PM is either dishonest or not sharp.  If he wants to stay in the EU why did he put himself on a course of leaving it, with the only (short-term) benefit of MP chanting at Westminster, instead of showing manhood and explain it to us why prejudice and myth-building is bad for the country?  If he actually wants to leave the EU, he should move on Shaftesbury Avenue form Downing Street though I don't think he would be a sold-out every night.

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