Saturday, 23 March 2013

A convincing story can restore growth

The Tory duo is convinced stubborness equals credibility. But they are wrong. Determination and measured progress in strategy implementation is likely to sustain the credibility gained through clarity and soundness in its formulation.

Their refusal to adapt the course to proof the infamous plan A was an arrogant imposition on a tolerant, naive country is more than ridiculous, it is harmful too. In their infatuation Dave and George cornered themselves into political cul de sacs such as there is no alternative and A ratings. How dare they say they know best and Britain can have no better leaders?

The latest Budget is once again a proof they are only protecting land owners and big business.
The corporate tax cut is only encouraging profit building and cash piling to the delight of company bosses who are given a pay rise without raising a finger (through eps linked compensation).  The companies need to be forced to increase their effective tax rates and invest sooner and more into the economy, i.e. give cash to taxpayers or to growth. 

The housing "policy" is nothing but stinky smoke. The land owners are rubbing hands as the right to be indebted up to the ears programs are going to drive up house prices. The public is incredibly dormant when it comes to the lack of supply initiatives. All efforts are put into funnelling taxpayers' money into supporting demand for houses. It doesn't matter if these are obsolete, inefficient and overvalued. The government policy is avoid building at all costs. Except for the luxury segment of course, they need to make sure there is enough accomodation for the wealthy.

The rest is equally feeble. Britain needs roads and transport hubs to breathe and be more efficient. London is the only civilised mega city with one ring road only and no decent airport, and offering an archaic, fragmented and unaffordable public transport systems.

Britain has the unfortunate habit of displaying posh politicians speaking with impeccable accents, using skillfully all tricks of public communications and waggling the finger at audiences on everything from immigration to bank bonuses to working hours. Invoking the "we are British hence we should be listened to because we are always right and we know better" mantra must have its shelf life like anything else. Hopefully succombing soon to the harsh reality that Britain's leaders are a bunch of losers.

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