Saturday, 30 November 2013

David Cameron launches attack on EU migration

If Cameron were true to free markets he would encourage free movement of labor, goods and capital.  

He's defending to death the movement of capital since this makes his banks and big corporations rack up the billions in profit which sustain his party financed and united.  

He is OK with the movement of goods because he needs to be seen he is promoting British exports, though despite the pound devaluation, lower labor costs, lower corporate rate and historically low effective tax rates paid by its businesses at home, despite healthy global markets the trade deficit has widened and the Albion's competitiveness is in tatters.

He has never been a true defender of free movement of people, though he finds it inconceivable that Brits would not be able to settle wherever they wish as no nation in their own mind would not open their arms to the skills, expertise and joy that are always brought along by HM subjects.  He is now starting a bitter crusade against foreigners, showing to the world that xenophobia is not Daily Mail's privilege, is indeed a strong national attribute.  

He should feel embarrassed though of his low blow on Romanians and Bulgarians.  Nigel Farage is a low character, low IQ challenger to the crown of fanatic nationalism who's not expected to recognise the scientific evidence in favour of immigration, nor not to unfairly turn his venom against two nations which harmed Britain interests in no way so far.  Cameron is supposed to be smarter, better and broader in his argumentation.  His point is the poor East Europeans are driven to Britain by the income gap.  He has been embarrassed by the fact that most immigrants are from PT, ES, GR and IT, where the GDP per head is much higher than in say HU, SK or LV yet came to the UK in droves, simply because they can, not even because are not under Farage's microscope.  And, mind you, the Italians are not all of them highly skilled economists, engineers or bankers.  Many of them serve pizzas - precisely the type of jobs the Brits are supposed to lose to Bulgarians.  The Portuguese may walk the mini-Brits into the parks and are paid below the national minimum wage or illegally.  And I read very little in the Daily Mail about the growing number of British homeless begging on Regent Street with their dogs impressing the shoppers with their candid glances.  Are they going to be deported?

What if Bulgaria and Poland imported no more than 30 Indian or Japanese cars manufactured in Britain if the Brits put a cap on their emigrants?  What if Barclays Capital would be excluded from making the books for the next juicy privatisation in Lisbon or Riga or Bucharest?

What if Spain or Greece removed access to their health services for all the Brits retired in Malaga or Rhodes, and by the way I am sure these peaceful residents of their sunny coasts don't fly back to Croydon to treat their diabetes. 

So make up your mind Cameron: are you a man or a lousy headless chicken?

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