Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wealthy Investors

Oh dear. I thought the rich are rich because they have this ... flair. Ok one may place Rooney alongside Romney and Osbourne (both George and Ozzy actually) and thats a bit unfair since raw talent is not always accompanied by brain power.

But the sad truth is most rich are rich because they were born so (George, not Ozzy) and they are pretty incapable of making the most out of their fortunes if not something good for the society.  Despite being privately educated.

The other thing is how morally pathetic to be a wealth manager. Just a clown in a suit, a toff entertainer, someone to carry the briefcase between phaesant shootings and racing Aston Martins at Silverstone. Charging the fat cats top dollar for scientifically wasting their money.  What a grotesque circus!  But hey, prostitution has always paid handsomely. No need to be ashamed of yourselves. Just brush your tongues properly before bed to take the bitter taste of brown off them.

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